Saleem Khawar ARPS, AFIAP, ASIIPC, AICS, FPSG is Pakistan’s most accomplished contemporary photographer working in pictorial tradition. Born in Quetta, Balochistan, he was trained to run family business, mainly designing and manufacturing decorative jewelry. But chance meetings with photography veterans of his time, mainly Nisar Mirza, Javed Kazi and Aftab Ahmed spurred his creative instincts and he plunged head over heels into the unfathomable realms of photographic art. Now his photographic experience spans well over two decades. He represented Pakistan in international exhibitions in 29 countries. His work got published in major popular photographic magazines around the globe, including the PSA journal, Digital Photographer, Ukraine and the IIPC Journal India. Saleem Khawar’s devouring, image hungry vision seeks greater challenges. His prolific ability to present a detailed visual narrative in every picture is not just confined to one specific theme. He pays unprecedented attention to the artistic and technical rendering of his image. A proclaimed photoshop artist, he also implied etching, solarization, needle work and many other difficult procedures on screen and on the prints he makes. His honors include AFIAP (Artist Federation International Art of Photography, Belgium) in 1998, FPSG (Fellowship in Pakistan Salon Group of Photography) in 1999, LRPS (Licentiate Royal photographic Society, UK, ARPS (Associate Royal photographic Society, UK in 2003, ASIIPC (Associate services India International Photographic Council) 2005, AICS from Image Colleague Society Int'l Ltd USA in 2006. Besides he is amongst the top 25 in PSA’s ‘Who is Who’ exhibitors list for 8 consecutive years from (1995 to 2002). His awards include Gold grade exhibitor IIPC in 2005, also winning 15 gold medals (including 4 PSA gold medals) and more than 90 other international awards. Saleem Khawar also judged the World Cup Saloon of Photography.