Professional Landscape and Culture Photographer. Having studied Photography from Japan in the early nineties and making this passion into a profession I now travel through various places in hunt of good photographs. Here on this page, you can have a look at some of my work. Through these years of experience, I have worked on various commissioned projects out of which some prominent names are The Sights in the Sand of Cholistan - Published by Oxford - Reviewed by General Shuja'at Zameer Dar, Lahore Governor's House - A publication of Lahore Governor's House as a souvenir for the guests of Governor of Punjab, Deosai The Land of Giants - Published by Sang-e-Meel Publications - written by Mr. Salman Rashid (@salmanrashidtravelwriter), and the latest one being a book on Sindh that is currently under process. Apart from this, I have also been a part, as the Director of Photography, of the Documentary on Chashma Right Bank Canal - Commissioned By Asian Development Bank.